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Out of Hospital Anesthesia Consultants and Providers

Surgiservices is one of the largest and most experienced anesthesia provider groups in Canada specializing in Out-of-Hospital Premises (OHP) and Independent Health Facility (IHF) anesthesia.


We service dental offices, ophthalmology practices, and plastic surgery clinics in the Greater Toronto Area as far west as Kitchener Waterloo, as far north as Huntsville, and as far east as Peterborough/Trenton.


If you are looking for excellence and safety in peri-operative anesthesia, you have made the right choice!

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Offering only the finest medical services

Surgiservices is comprised of a team of physicians and nurses who strive to support out of hospital surgical and dental procedures. We offer anesthesia care that upholds the highest standards of care and good practice. Our goal is to facilitate the procedure for the surgeon or dentist so as to be able to offer the patient the most comfortable, best, and safest result they deserve and expect. We associate ourselves with only the finest surgeons and dentists in the province.

Pediatric and Special Needs

We provide anesthesia care to all children aged 2 and above and are able to tailor our anesthesia to accommodate children (and adults) with special needs.


We provide anesthesia care for cosmetic and plastic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and oralmaxillofacial surgery.


We provide anesthesia care to patients with phobias to needles and/or dental office procedures as well as to patients who require long and complicated dental procedures.

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